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Guitar #4: Epiphone Emperor II VS Joe Pass

Own it now for $500

Michael Kelly Forte 10-String Koa guitar


This gorgeous, pre-owned archtop guitar was generously donated by SIMSCal member Larry Pearson.  The Epiphone Emperor II VS (Vintage Sunburst) Joe Pass signature model honors the legendary American jazz guitarist Joe Pass, who is revered for his work with pianist Oscar Peterson and vocalist Ella Fitzgerald.

Based on the serial number, this appears to be a Korean-made model, manufactured in 2003.  It is stamped as a factory 2nd (into the wood) on the back of the headstock above the serial number, and it  appears that the last two digits of the printed serial number have been removed/obscured. The only flaw we can see that would qualify this as a second is a small oval-shaped imperfection in the yellow paint (under the clear coat) on the back of the neck, at the third fret. It is not something that you can feel with your fingers. See detail photos below.

NOTE: This is NOT the Emperor Pro II model being sold today, which uses Epiphone 4-wire Pro-Bucker pickups, and has push-pull pots to coil-tap the pickups.

Overall condition appears to be Very Good to Excellent:

    1. Some inconspicuous, fine finish scratches that are consistent with very light use.
    2. Missing pickup selector switch knob.
    3. All gold hardware is in VG-mint condition with no corrosion.
    4. Original bridge; many of the used models available have replaced the ebony bridge with an adjustable Tune-o-matic bridge.
    5. Frets are in Like New condition with low action,  plays well up the neck.
    6. Flat-wound strings.
    7. Comes with plush-lined, hardshell case.

 Thank you for donating it, Larry!


Guitar #4: Epiphone Emperor II VS Joe Pass

Own it now for $500