Nylon String Classical Guitarmaking Class


Who Wants to Build A Classical Guitar?

As you may have noticed, SIMSCal did not offer a Nylon String Classical Guitarmaking class this year (2018), as we did not have an instructor to fill the shoes of Bill Gourlay after his departure.  Well, that may change next year.

We have caught the interest of a qualified instructor, with ample building experience and Romanillos workshop training.  Now, we just need a show of hands from potential students.  We need a minimum of six (6) students to commit to taking the class in order to move forward.

As of now, the plan is to begin the class in January, meeting one evening per week for 20 weeks (at Woodcraft in Fountain Valley, CA) with a tuition cost of $1,250 per student.  This does not include the cost of materials – woods and hardware – which each student must purchase on their own (expect to spend another $300 - $500).

If you are serious about building your first classical guitar, and would like to put your name on the list for January 2019, please email us at info@simscal.com with your contact info ASAP.  Thank you!