Electric Guitarmaking Class


In the Electric Guitarmaking Class, each student will build an early 1950s Fender Telecaster™-style electric guitar, utilizing a combination of 21st century technology (such as a personal CNC router system) and traditional woodworking methods to complete the instrument.

  • Students will CNC some components:
    • Body (2 – 4 hours, depending on options), including
      • Neck pocket
      • Neck / bridge pickup pockets
      • Control pocket
      • Wiring pocket
      • "through the body" string holes (optional)
      • Arm rest (optional)
      • Belly cut (optional, perhaps)
      • Profile
    • Neck (2 hours, maybe)
      • Truss rod slot
      • Tuner holes
      • Headstock relief
      • Profile

Neck carving / shaping will be done by hand: you choose preferred neck shape.


  • First meeting: Materials, sources, safety and administrative stuff
  • Body first: join, thickness, route (CNC), prep and paint (Reranch rattle can)

While waiting for paint to dry

  • Neck: join, thickness, route (CNC).
  • Fretboard: thickness, slot, inlay / side dots, radius, glue to neck, fret
  • Make a nut
  • Shape and paint (various options) the neck

While waiting for the neck's paint to dry

  • Finish the finish on the body
  • Make / CNC a custom pickguard ?
  • Wire the electronics: shielding and soldering

There may be an open week here waiting for the neck to dry

  • Finish the finish on the neck
  • Assemble and setup

For updated information, including schedule and tuition details, please contact the instructor directly: Larry McCutcheon.