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Our Mission

We were formed to promote association among stringed instrument makers (luthiers) in Southern California, to further the understanding of stringed instrument building, and to help improve the instrument-making skills of our members.

We also teach guitarmaking; classes in both steel string and classical instrument construction. New classes started in January. Check the Guitar Building Classes tab for details.

About SIMSCal

Established in November, 2004, SIMSCal currently has over 200 members and "friends of the association", consisting of both hobbyists and professional instrument builders.  Our members build traditional hollow body instruments including flat-top steel string, classical, flamenco and archtop guitars. Our goal is not only to provide members with meaningful information about lutherie, but also to promote the practice and tradition of lutherie within our local communities.

We encourage those interested to attend any of our meetings. Attendance at meetings is free, however, we ask for a membership donation of $10 per year. This money supports organization activities and provides members with product discounts at both Rockler Woodworking and Woodcraft stores. 

If you would like more information about SIMSCal, please contact with your questions.

Classical guitar rosette

by Chris LaBonte

Details About the Organization of SIMSCal  (MS Word docs) 

2017 SIMSCal Officers

President – Art Prangley

Sec/Treasurer – Dale Terrien

Dir. of Guitarmaking Ops  – Larry McCutcheon

Dir. of Communications  - Dan Greene

Articles of Association


Standing Rules

From left:  Art Prangley, Larry McCutcheon, Dan Greene,  Dale Terrien  

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SIMSCal meeting

Top Tuning!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Welcome SCAVM Members!

For over half a century, the members of the Southern California Association of Violin Makers (SCAVM) have held regular meetings and distributed a monthly bulletin to share knowledge and advance the art of lutherie within the viol family of instruments.

Current SIMSCal member and past SCAVM president Ed Glass recently proposed to our Board the possibility of SCAVM joining forces with SIMSCal, essentially merging our two memberships into a single, even stronger, lutherie organization (under the SIMSCal moniker). This potential move is still pending approval from SCAVM's voting members, but we on the SIMSCal Board are excited at the prospect of welcoming more instrument builders – especially those with specialized knowledge – into the fold!

While we already count a handful of violin makers among our members, the majority of club activities have obviously been oriented toward making guitars. This partnership with SCAVM's members could open the doors to new presentations, workshops, and collaborations that we may not have imagined, otherwise. What builder wouldn't love to learn how to carve a gracefully spiraling scroll, how to bend and join those tightly curved ribs, or how to cut those elegant F-holes in an arched Spruce soundboard?

Regardless of what SCAVM's voting members ultimately decide to do, we here at SIMSCal are always eager to welcome builders of all variety of stringed instruments, at all skill levels, to join us for meetings, participate in club activities, and above all, share your knowledge! Welcome to the club.

To encourage the continued development of the art